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Ailina Calip

Chief Operating Officer


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About Ailina

Life and business are one in the same, business owners start their own business with a vision in mind, to share their love and passion with the world. In life, we are searching for our passions and finding fulfillment in life, and Ailina has an amazing way of guiding you through the experience of delivering a beautiful and professional website plus social media marketing strategies to work with your website to build on your brand and close on more leads. 

Through Ailina's marketing strategy consultations, you will learn the importance of content creation, tools on how to create easy and simple, and a strategy that will save you on time. Ailina will also show you the importance of creating a plan and a strategy based on what your needs are for either your personal brand or your business. Depending on your goals, Ailina will help you to create the actionable steps needed to make your vision come to life. 

Ailina also knows that the thought of creating a website can be a very overwhelming task, especially if you've never done it before. Even on platforms such as Wix, Godaddy, or Squarespace, it can still feel like a lot! She can help you develop a Wix website to work for your business and help convert your marketing efforts into leads for your business! She can help bring your idea and your business to light through all the special features that Wix has to offer with your vision in mind. Not only will you receive a fully professional website that you will be proud to share with your audience, she will show you how to maintain your website on your own once the foundational design and pieces have been created so you feel in control of your website at all times. 

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