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Marquell Oliver

Vanguard of Strategic Partnerships


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About Marquell

Creative, visionary, and motivator are three words that strongly describe the Aurora-born leader that is Marquell Oliver. Graduate from Illinois State University where he is also the first-generation student to pursue higher education in his family and where. Recently, Marquell has stitched his name amongst the community leaders once he received the NAACP Martin Luther King Jr. Character Award & Phenomenal Man of the Year Award where he declared himself ready for social responsibility.


From studying Culture in a Global World while in Europe to working with the Orlando Magic, Oliver’s approach has been influenced from a global view which has inspired the creation of Pure Alchemy—which focuses on redesigning social infrastructure.


The goal has consistently been assisting people with their growth to help reach maximum potential. We are all imperfect, but perfectly unique in our own way.

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