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Marquice Gee

Vanguard of Networking


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About Marquice

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Marquice is on the path to cementing her footprint as the Millennial Motivator. Raised by her mother, a longstanding corporate employee in the healthcare industry, and her father, a 20+ year entrepreneur in both the beauty industry and real estate, Marquice learned at a young age the values of hard work, determination, and creating a life of love and understanding to not only enrich the lives of you and your family but also the lives of those around you. On her journey to self-discovery, Marquice realized her ability and purpose in leadership and communication by reflecting on the experiences that shaped her. At the age of 8, Marquice was organizing church fundraising dinners without permission to touch a stove! She then went on to become a distinctive leader in school, where she then began to realize her fascination with public speaking as she was consistently asked to speak in front of thousands of students, faculty, sponsors, and benefactors as early as elementary school, and even giving the township-wide introduction speech to the Washington Township Superintendent, Dr. Nikki Woodson, in May 2011.


She is an experienced networker and communicator, with a genuine interest in learning about people and understanding how to better empathize and unite differing groups to understand perspectives. By achieving her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish, she was able to travel to two countries, one in which she lived and worked for half a year post-graduation. Through these experiences, Marquice was able to see on an international level the similarities we share in this world, as well as the unique differences that can create a richer worldwide experience if better communicated and understood. Marquice is now setting her eyes on building her business, G4 Unlimited, LLC, as a motivational speaker and coach to intentionally help millennials realize their value and passions to set intrinsic objectives and create actionable steps for a more fulfilled life either in the corporate or entrepreneur's vein. She also prides herself on building a diverse network of professionals in varying age groups, in order to not lose traditional professional ethics and values, while also finding a way to merge tactics of the advancing generations.

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