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Myke Robinson

Vanguard of Youth Mentorship


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About Myke

As an adult DeMychael grew to understand how growing up as the “black sheep” has

given him the opportunity to find his voice and shift his perspective on life simultaneously using

it as motivation to fuel his passion to speak life into his community as a motivational speaker

and empowerment coach. His experience stems from annual church engagements to personal

growth Podcasts paired with many years of offering top-notch customer service in various roles.

Currently, he is actively serving with the Boys to Men Foundation seeking to lead, inspire, and

empower young men in underserved areas to rise above the status quo, and grow up to be

productive members of society.


Often times Myke finds himself engaged in conversation with friends, family and

strangers alike who find his personable demeanor and encouraging spirit one of a kind.

In the midst of taking power over his own process, he was able to realize his gift for

inspiring others and decided to step out on faith and move forward with following his passion for

motivational speaking. His goal is to touch those who feel stagnant and uninspired; reach those

who need purpose and push those that are willing to trust that someone is there to hold them



Taking power over your process means taking control over things that may come your

way and see them through with joy via the process created by one’s inner self.

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