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Alicia Taylor

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Alicia Taylor is native of Las Vegas, NV with a proven and successful track record in the mortgage lending and real estate industry for over thirty years. Alicia founded Mortgage Solutions LLC a full service mortgage banker/brokerage firm in 2004 and Clear Sky Realty LLC a boutique real estate firm in 2014. Alicia is an accomplished and well respected business professional and is often quoted in national and local business magazines, such as INC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, etc. She is often called upon to give a candid outlook on the mortgage and real estate space and discuss current matters. Alicia has an uncanny ability to explain complex financial matters in a simple and easy to understand manner. Alicia is not new to being a leader, nor the spotlight. In 2011, she was handpicked from over 19,000 hopefuls to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Network 'OWN' during its inaugural season, where she finished in 3rd place to have her own show. Alicia has a passion to help Americans stay on track financially and takes her message directly to people, by speaking to organizations about the importance of financial freedom. She understands that taking control of your money is the first step to taking control of your life. Alicia is currently Legislative appointed to The Mortgage Advisory Council 'MAC' of Nevada. The MAC advises and assists in drafting all laws that affect the mortgage lending industry in NV. Alicia never allows her busy schedule to keep her from volunteering her time for community service appearances where she educates young children, high school kids and college students on lending and finance as a whole. Alicia credits this passion to growing up and witnessing members of her family and community make poor financial choices that resulted in hardship and home loss that could have been avoided with the right financial education. Alicia has remained true to her personal promise to help families understand the importance of making smart financial decisions. Alicia’s hobbies include: traveling, shopping, real estate acquisitions and outdoor activities. When she isn’t in her office or on a vacation with her family, she is likely to be found in a gym preparing for her next challenge. You can find more info on her at or or her blog at

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