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Cassandra Cousineau

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Multi-media Journalist

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Cassandra Cousineau is a Multi-Media Journalist, prolific content producer, and writer. She has spent more than a decade telling the stories of some of the most recognizable names in sports. Having been a published writer since the age of seven, the native New Yorker began a career in sports on a challenge from her Grandaddy to write the local paper after debating him about the performance of her favorite baseball team. “I really do owe my career to woeful Yankee pitching.” Cousineau, has built her digital brand, The Sportsnista, as a must see content experience and is known for posing the questions fans want to know, but no one else is asking. Although she is well versed in multiple sports, it’s the combat game which occupies her wheelhouse. Cousineau has interviewed the top names in boxing and MMA from legends like Manny Pacquiao, to today’s super stars including Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, and Tyson Fury. The former stand-up comedian has been quoted in UFC’s Embedded series and her content has been featured by Top Rank Boxing on ESPN. She’s an Instagram Influencer who also co-hosts The Final Countdown, on NBC Sports in Las Vegas, Levels combat sports live show, and is a featured writer for multiple outlets. Being a working mom of two young children, Cousineau’s philosophy is governed by how the work she does impacts her children. “What happens on the field of play, impacts the game of life. Sports has been an indelible compass for some of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned as a professional, and the most meaningful experiences I’ve shared as a mother.”

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